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Mini Mock Inspection

With a Mini Mock Inspection, a Fulcrum consultant in the Compliance Team visits your home at a mutually convenient date and time to carry out a “walkaround” with a nominated person.


You can choose an all-encompassing audit of your home, where the consultant will look through a random sample of care plans, medication records, training and supervision records, staff files and give verbal feedback to you.


Or you can ask us to focus on certain areas, for example:

  • Care plans
  • Human resources
  • Medications
  • HR audit
  • Personnel and staff files
  • Staffing and rotas
  • Staff training audit

The Mini Mock Inspection usually lasts between one and two hours and costs £450.00 plus VAT.


Having worked with more than 100 care homes, Fulcrum can give a fresh and impartial perspective on the running of your care home. This exercise will also help evidence your home’s compliance with Regulation 17 and be a positive on the Well Led aspect.

If you want address a certain area in your care home, or make sure it’s up to scratch, arrange a Mini mock Inspection today. Call us on 020 3411 4014 or drop us an email. If you have any questions or want to find out more, just book a free 15 minute call and we’ll be in touch.