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Governance and Compliance

Care home boards are responsible for ensuring good governance, including assurance and auditing systems or processes, but sometimes lack the specialist knowledge to do so efficiently and effectively. Our compliance experts can act as an effective interface between your care home management team and the Board, and freeing the rest of the Board to focus on commercials and strategic direction.

The problem

Care home providers are required by law to have systems and processes to ensure they meet their legal obligations to provide good governance (commonly known as Regulation 17). Providing this good governance oversight requires a lot of attention to small detail, whereas Boards – rightly – need to focus on the big picture. Your directors don’t have the time – or sometimes the specialist knowledge – to get bogged down in the minutiae of systems and processes, even though these are essential for the smooth running of your care home/s and for achieving favourable CQC Compliance ratings.

How we can help

Our compliance experts can ensure your care home/s meet the Regulation 17 requirements, helping your home to achieve the best possible CQC compliance ratings, while freeing the time of your directors to focus on the core business and its long-term goals.

The benefits of our governance and compliance service

By complementing the expertise of your directors, your dedicated Fulcrum Board Adviser will:

  1. Ensure good governance by overseeing the implementation and application of best practise systems and procedures, both strategically and in detail
  2. Help ensure the best possible CQC compliance rating
  3. Respond to CQC and local authority queries, evidencing the steps the Board is taking to make necessary improvements
  4. Work with your care home managers to guide them through compliance issues
  5. Advise your Board of any necessary investments to meet compliance requirements by developing an improvement plan, providing clear, concise advice on the problems and effective solutions
  6. Act as an effective interface between your Board and your care home management teams, providing the strategic intelligence you need to balance management requests with your commercial aims
  7. Become the eyes and ears of the Board within your care home/s

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The legal requirement

The legal requirement for care home providers to ensure good governance is stipulated by the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 17. This states that providers must:

  • Have assurance and auditing systems and processes
  • Continually evaluate and seek to improve their governance and auditing practises
  • Ensure both the quality and safety of their services
  • Assess, monitor and seek to improve the safety and quality of their services
  • Consider the quality of the experience for residents
  • Mitigate risk
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records for residents and staff
  • Record how the services are managed
  • Demonstrate this governance to the CQC in writing, when requested

The CQC has the power to prosecute breaches of Regulation 17 and can effuse registration.