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Tailored content for residents

Personalised video programming

News ticker, weather, date and time

Programme of activities

Daily food menu

Your own messages and information

Aids orientation

With dementia, people can lose their sense of time and place. So permanently displaying the date and time on TV screens can really help.
Local information and news can help avoid disorientation and confusion. Care-givers can also use the weather and date and time information to give helpful gentle orientation clues.
And good orientation even helps avert the risk of falls in people living with dementia.

Relevant and useful

With PCTV, you have full control over your programming choices.
The programme schedule can be customised very quickly. You can choose TV genres that suit your residents. And add in a news ticker, weather and the date and time.
You can even supply information about what’s going on in your care home. So what’s shown on the TV is always relevant and useful to your residents.

Aids reminiscence

Your residents are all different. With different tastes in TV viewing. So in many care homes, the TV choices are often made by the staff.
But with PCTV, you can choose public domain video – from YouTube, for example – that is more suitable for your residents. And that aids reminiscence.
Place PCTV in communal areas, where it’s beneficial to all. Or offer it to families, who can pay for a completely personalised TV experience for their loved one.