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We’re a team of care experts who are driven to help as many care homes as possible improve, instigate and invigorate. During the pandemic, more care homes than ever have sought our help and, to reach as many of them as possible, we’re looking for passionate, knowledgeable and driven professionals to come and join our team of care consultants.

What we’re looking for

At Fulcrum, we like to work a little differently. We’re not prescriptive in our approach to our diverse clients, instead we like to deliver a bespoke plan that suits their needs. As a company, we’re also very forward thinking and love to promote new initiatives within the sector. If you’re looking for stimulating work that has an emphasis on team collaboration, instead of individual performance, then we’re perfect for you.

In addition to the interesting care homes that we work with, we can also offer:

  • Full expenses policy
  • Competitive rates
  • High quality of work
  • A brand that’s increasingly recognised within the industry
  • A company who attracts providers with substantial care home portfolios


    What we’re looking for

    When we send consultants to our clients, we always try and match skillset with demand within the three main areas of work that we do:


    Crisis management, immediate CQC response, management cover


    Supporting longer-term management of the care home


    Helping with system changes to improve management structures and commercials, such as new technology

    We’re looking for individuals to work under freelance contractor capacity, who have previous experience including:

    • Consultants
    • Senior managers
    • Experience within one of our three main verticals that can be evidenced
    • Regional experience, such as a peripatetic

    Exclusivity with Fulcrum is not necessary, as long as there is no conflict of interest.

    Our employees can be based anywhere in England, but a driving licence and the ability to travel is essential.

    For more information about working for us, get in touch today.