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Will your fabulous care home manager still be with you this time next year? Or will they move on to a bigger organisation where they can learn more and develop their skills further?

A great manager is worth holding on to. But the truth is that, without an effective development programme, you just can’t be sure to retain your best managers.


Mentoring and coaching can provide your fantastic manager with the developmental process they need. With individual advice and guidance from our very experienced consultants, your manager will develop their skills, gain new insight and progress – both personally and professionally.


Stretching and challenging your staff is the best way to stimulate their development. We can help to develop their management skills, communication and leadership.


If you have a great manager that you want to keep, find out how our mentoring and coaching can help. Call us on 020 3411 4014 or drop us an email to make sure they don’t jump ship.

Mentoring and coaching:

– Individual advice and guidance for your manager

– Fulcrum will be your “critical friend”

– Leadership and communication skills

– Dementia mapping and FITS training