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If you’ve just received an ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ rating from the CQC, then it’s going to affect your business.

You may have to wait another six months or more before your care home gets a chance to be re-inspected. And during that time, you’ll lose business. Your home may appear in the local papers, with details of its shortcomings.


A less than ‘Good’ rating can adversely impact your care home’s reputation and it is highly likely that you’ll lose new business as a result. Even if you can improve before the next inspection, the relationships with families of existing residents are going to suffer. In addition, you may also lose the morale of your staff members who work hard to provide the best care possible.


If you believe that the rating given in the draft CQC report doesn’t reflect the quality of service provided or the inspectors have missed considering vital evidence, Fulcrum can help remedy that situation.


If you decide to challenge the findings in your draft CQC report and the rating given, Fulcrum can support you. We work with specialist care solicitors, in order to get a better outcome for your home. Before challenging the draft CQC report we can review the report and the evidence and advise you on the best course of action as this could be a costly process.


When we’re successful, the CQC may revise the rating or may withdraw its report and re-inspect. If there is a reinspection, the home can fix any issues beforehand,– meaning that your revised report and rating could be better. At a minimum, the CQC may agree to revise the comments made in the report before publishing.


In a successful challenge. neither the public nor your residents’ families will know about the challenge and your low rating won’t ever be publicly seen.


If you’ve just received a draft CQC report that you believe isn’t reflective of the service provided, please call us on 020 3411 4014 or drop us an email to explore your next steps.

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CQC challenges:

– Improve your rating

– Stop damaging amber ratings being published

– Get breathing space to improve before your next inspection