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You want to trust that your care home manager is doing a good job, But you can’t be there all the time to oversee them,
So how do you truly know if they are leading the staff well? Can you be absolutely sure that they and the team are providing a safe and responsive environment? Are you certain that your residents are being well cared for?
You may only know that things aren’t going well when you receive an ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ rating from the CQC.
You can’t afford to wait until your next inspection to find out if your home is failing. That would be business suicide.
If your manager and staff aren’t performing, you won’t be able to attract new private residents. The council could embargo your home. It could go into special measures. Or your business could even collapse.
Providing great care will make your business prosper. And there’s a simple way of ensuring your manager and team are delivering that same great care for your residents, But without you being on hand all the time.
Fulcrum QMS can be your eyes in your care home. It can give you the faith that your team is doing a great job.
Fulcrum QMS is an improvement tool to manage your care home. It helps you to measure how well your home is doing via a series of audits, reporting and self-

assessment features, You can collect data in consistent formats, standardise your operations, supply reports, and identify substandard or failed areas that need resolving,
The app and web-based system contain a suite of audits that are modelled on best practice. Using the CQC’s 24 Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) the system supports your continuing CQC compliance.
Fulcrum QMS gives you visibility and insight into the management and day-to-day running of your care home. Not only does the quality management system allow your team to carry out audits, but it also enables you to assign actions to your managers and staff. You can check whether tasks have been actioned and staff can take photos and provide notes as proof of the measures they have taken.
Your manager will have all the tools needed to assess your home and report back to you. You will always be certain that your home is compliant and well-run. And you won’t have to worry about any future inspections.
Fulcrum QMS will help you to raise standards and achieve improved levels of quality. It will help you evidence that your home is safe, caring, responsive, effective and well­led.
Fulcrum QMS will enable your team to deliver better quality care. And there’ll be no surprises in your CQC reports.

Fulcrum QMS Features

KLOE audit forms

Fulcrum QMS comes set up with audit forms based on KLOE. You can simply implement these in your home. And you can quickly and easily customise and adapt them using Fulcrum QMS’s drag and drop builder. Build your own, additional audits and inspections from checklists and spreadsheets you already have


Your manager and staff can complete audits on the go at any home, and in any room. The app is available on Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. Your staff can even complete audits and inspections if there’s no internet access.


Staff can take photos on their device, annotate them and add them into any inspection Date and time stamping and geolocation information are also provided, proving when and where the audit was carried out. Users can also add free form notes, either by typing them in or dictating them using their device’s microphone. And adding a digital signature signs off the final audit

Create corrective actions

Fulcrum QMS doesn’t only identify what needs improving. Where an audit uncovers an issue that needs resolving, the manager can create a corrective action on the spot and assign it to a member of staff, along with a deadline and priority level.


Your staff can share audits and reports immediately. The comprehensive, visual dashboard allows you to see at a glance where you are. You can track performance over time and have full visibility about your compliance as well as your team’s productivity and accuracy. These key metrics allow you to track and improve quality and compliance, allowing you to turn your data into actionable insights.

Integrate and automate

Fulcrum QMS can connect with many other business applications. It can integrate with apps such as Trello, Slack, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Jira, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier and more. This allows you to build automated workflows and connect with your other business software. For example, you can automatically have the system send reports to you or to other members of the team. And you can automatically export data into other systems too.


Because it’s a cloud-based application, it’s always up to date. If policies or guidance from the CQC change, then the software will be updated to reflect that. You don’t need to worry you’ll always have the latest information to work from.

Fulcrum QMS Software

Fulcrum’s cloud-based quality management tool is designed to help managers and providers to audit their care home regularly based on the CQC’s Key Line Of Enquiry (KLOE) prompt questions.


This is a subscription based service, payable per user per month, with the following key features:

  • Separate audits in line with all 24 KLOEs
  • Audits that can be scheduled and delegated to other users (if required)
  • Ability to create action plans to address non-compliance
  • Intuitive reports on each audit as well as overall compliance

Compliance Reporting

Audit Templates

Action Planning