A week in the life of a care home consultancy

A week in the life of a Complete care home management support

One of the things that we love about helping care-home owners and managers is that no two days are the same. Offering complete care home management support, our consultants could be doing anything from challenging an unfavourable CQC inspection rating to devising a turnkey management solution for a multi-home provider. But our diary across just seven days will give you a taster of the sort of services we provide.

Emergency weekend working

Care homes are 24-7-365 – to support our clients, we therefore often have to work across the weekends and holidays. In this case the CQC served a section 31 letter of intent to a 40+ bed care home; the letter was received 4:30pm Friday, with a response required by 9:00am Monday.

Unfortunately, the home was going through a manager transition over the weekend. We therefore sent two consultants on Saturday and Sunday to provide management cover. At the same time the Fulcrum team started to put together an action plan as required by the CQC, completing some items over the weekend. Our CEO revised the action plan through Sunday night and into Monday morning, sending it on time to the CQC.

Short-notice competency assessments

The senior management at a 90+ bed home wanted Fulcrum support to carry out competency assessment of nurses at very short notice. Fulcrum was able to organise a registered nurse to carry out these assessments within the required time frame.

Management mentoring

Fulcrum was requested to organise continuous management mentoring and support for a 70+ bed nursing home in the West Midlands. This is ongoing, with the Fulcrum consultant supporting the team on site a couple of days a week.

A London-based care operator with four nursing homes requested Fulcrum to oversee its care compliance activities and support/mentor their managers to implement best practices at their nursing home.  Two consultants are supporting the provider and their management team.

We never know what the week holds until it unfurls, but our ability to respond flexibly and offer complete care home management support means we can give care-home owners and providers the support they need, when they need it.

Whether you need help with an immediate problem or CQC inspection, or whether you are looking to effect more systemic change to improve outcomes for all your care-home stakeholders, get in touch for an initial discussion about your needs to see whether we might be the right solution for you.