Christmas update from Fulcrum Care

With care homes working round the clock, day-in, day-out, it is vital that they have expert support whenever they need it, even across weekends and holidays. After a hectic 2020 helping our clients through the trials of Covid-19, we had been hoping for some quiet time to recharge – but when the phone rang, we dispatched our expert care home consultants to ensure care homes around the country got the expertise they needed to make sure they could continue caring for their residents.

Christmas and New Year highlights at Fulcrum Care – who we worked with and what we achieved

  1. Supporting a home for people with learning disabilities in Essex after they had a focused inspection from the CQC.  The report was not what they had expected. Fulcrum supported the home with an audit and action plan to address areas of concern. We also worked with the home and a solicitor to respond to the report through a Factual Accuracy Check.
  2. Helping a care home stay open: Starting work with a home in Kent that had received notice of enforcement action, which could lead to the home being closed. Fulcrum helped the client to address the issues highlighted in the enforcement notice as well as developing a strategic plan to improve the management of the home in the longer term.
  3. Working with two homes in the North of England that were served proposals for enforcement action by the CQC. Our expert care home consultants also helped the homes to improve their compliance whilst responding to the CQC’S concerns.
  4. Supporting a 50+ bed home in London to respond to a report after a focused inspection by the CQC and providing a factual accuracy challenge.
  5. Helping with two “designated settings”: A local authority identified a service as suitable to care for people discharged from hospital with a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test result. The Fulcrum team helped to run two “designated settings” in Southern England and are helping design a third “designated setting”.

We look forward to working with existing and new clients in the year ahead and providing expert care home consultancy to help them ensure commercial success.

Whatever the nature of your query, whether relating to help with a CQC inspection, improvement programmes, care compliance activities, best practice advice or management support, please get in touch for an initial discussion on finding the right solution for you and your care home.

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