Our new CQC data dashboards – real time and interactive

cqc real time data dashboard

Understanding CQC data can give you valuable insights to help you improve your care home commercials, as well as confidence in your care home among staff, residents, their relatives, and the local community. Now you can access that data in real-time to reveal the information that matters most to your care home/s quickly and easily with our new interactive CQC data dashboards.   

Compliance – and at least keeping up with your competition – has always been a central part of managing a successful care home or group of care homes. But being able to dive into the Care Quality Commission’s data and manipulate it easily to give you an accurate, up-to-date picture of the information most relevant to you has often proved a sticking point. Until now.

Fulcrum Care have developed two easy-to-use, interactive, real-time CQC data dashboards to enable you to understand what’s happening locally, regionally, and nationally, and what that might mean for your care home management.

Search CQC data by ratings or numbers

Our two portals both enable you to search by ratings, locality (including county), provider, the number of care home beds, or the type of care (such as nursing or dementia care), to enable you to see how much local competition you have, what services they offer and how they are faring with their compliance inspections. You can dig into this data either by searching through our ‘ratings’ portal, giving you instant access to CQC ratings trends and insights; or you can search via our care home numbers portal, to help you understand the scale of your competition.

Both our CQC data dashboards enable you to refine your search filters to find the information that is most relevant to your care home/s, to understand what you need to do to maintain or improve your care home rating and to keep up with, or pass, your competitors.

Putting CQC data into the hands of care home owners, providers, and investors  

“This information has always been available publicly through the CQC, but our portals make it easier to access and manipulate, searching by the criteria that are most important to care home owners, providers, and investors,” explains Fulcrum Care’s CEO Tony Thiru.

“Understanding industry data is at the heart of what Fulcrum Care do and is invaluable in helping us provide expert care home consultancy for our clients to help them ensure commercial success. But we wanted to make this available directly to our clients and others across the industry, so they can get real-time updates to help them review and refine their management plans to enable them to deliver the best possible care for their residents and increase confidence in their organisation as a care provider,” he adds.

Your feedback on our CQC data dashboards

“We know how we at Fulcrum Care use this CQC data to formulate the advice our care home consultants give to our clients, but we’re interested to know how care home managers, providers and investors use it,” adds Head of Finance Janaka Kumarapperuma. “We would very much welcome your feedback as to how you use it, what you find most helpful and what additional information would be of benefit to you.

“This feedback will enable us to refine and extend the dashboards to provide even more valuable information to enable you to improve the quality of the care you provide and your commercial success.”

Understanding CQC data is central to ensuring compliance success and confidence in your care home, both of which underpin commercial viability – our new, interactive CQC data dashboards give you the information you need at the click of a mouse.

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